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Before I took the C-125 test that came back super high, I was growing so desperate to get rid of the pain I was willing to do just about anything. Cramp bark, Tylenol, ibuprofen, weed, shrooms, legit, anything. Shrooms kind of helped, I’m not gonna lie. Anyway, I couldn’t be high at work so I needed something else.

I had a friend who was doing acupuncture for severe back and neck pain and she recommended me to her acupuncturist. I was not all that excited about having needles in me and not being able to move. It sounded extremely stressful, and not to mention all the crazy horror stories that exist. The pain was so unbearable, I didn’t really have hope that acupuncture was going to do anything to help, but I’m always down to try something new.

My first treatment, I was all kinds of nervous and scared, by my acupuncturist made me feel very calm. She showed me the needles she was about to use and told me how everything in the body is connected so even though I was getting a needle on my foot, that was somehow connected to my lower back. I had about 6 needles the first time. Two on my toes, two on my knees and two on my hip. The first few minutes I didn’t feel anything, but after about ten minutes I felt my muscles start moving. I didn’t know what was happening, but from the front to the back, something magical was happening that wasn’t hurting me at all.

Those needles somehow massaged my uterus to the point where it calmed down so much I was able to stretch like I hadn’t been able to for a while. The pain was actually reduced so much I was able to go about my day like normal. I thought this was witchcraft, still do if I’m being honest. ;)

I went back every week like she recommended and my periods actually got so much better. They weren’t exactly pain free, but they were manageable, a lot more than before I started treatment. When my surgery date was all set and done, I went back the second I could walk again and it did wonders for recovery. Three months after recovery, I had my first pain free period in my life.

As much as I can easily give credit to just acupuncture, I think it was a mix of other things too. After the surgery, I changed my life entirely. I think it was all of that together that allowed me to finally have a normal period. I can’t tell you how refreshing that was. I hope you achieve that too.

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