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IUD Part 2

Alrighty, after a month, this was my experience:

It felt like a roller coaster every day. The spotting came and went and the cramping did too. Acupuncture did wonders. I felt pain free for the most part and I was able to go places and enjoy my day. But just for one day. The next day, all of a sudden it was like my first or second day. It was HEAVY. However, the pain wasn’t bad. I was still able to move and I had energy for the most part. That is until the afternoon.

I said the words “I feel great!” out loud in the morning, and that was my mistake. I slowly lost all my energy and I was bedridden by the late evening, curled up in a ball and fell asleep to make my life easier and ease some of the pain. It wasn’t as bad as the time I nearly went to the ER, but it was bad enough for me to not be able to walk correctly. I also noticed that drinking kombucha didn’t help me so I stopped, which was weird considering I drink kombucha every day for the past ten or so years.

Monday came and I woke up with pain which is never a good sign. I had to stay in bed because walking hurt. I did notice that the pain on my legs have been feeling worse than they ever did. I’ve always had cramps that shot down to my legs every month, but after the IUD was inserted, I felt the pain on my legs a lot more, specifically my right one and I felt a small jam like feeling on my right side. I was legitimately scared I might have appendicitis.

Fast forward to the exact day that made it a month of having the IUD. I had it removed by Dr. G and I’m not even exaggerating, every minute that passed by, I felt better and better and better. The actual removal took like 60 seconds and while it did hurt for a second, it was nothing compared to the nauseating pain I had when I had it inserted. Unfortunately, Dr. G is one of those gynecologist who doesn’t listen and rushed me out the door so she asked me if I wanted to try any pill and I said a progestin only pill, BUT I had a concern since I had a small lump on my breast. However, she didn’t have time for that so she just prescribed me a progestin only pill and out the door I was.

I felt so good. The bleeding almost immediately stopped. I was so happy. I rode around after work just to see the sites and feel alive again. That night, I took my first pill.

The next day I woke up pain free, I had energy again, I was so happy I felt this was going to be the start of a new me. Once again, it was short lived because by 1pm, my energy plummeted and I started bleeding like my first and second day. So this was my 12th day bleeding. I was dizzy, nauseous, weak. I tried to make an appointment with a doctor but they didn’t take my insurance as of a few days ago so they were like “good luck!”. I made a video visit with a doctor on demand and she told me to go to the urgent care because somehow through the sh*tty lighting she was able to tell I was super pale and since I had been bleeding for so long she wanted to make sure I didn’t have anemia.

Surfing through the web, I found a doctor, I’ll call her doctor H, H for Happy accident because I accidentally booked an appointment for that same night. However, she is located about 40 minutes to an hour away from me so when I got the confirmation email that I wasn’t expecting, I bolted out the door.

I arrived 50 minutes later, but 15 minutes before my appointment time and I was greeted by a very nice PA who was working the front desk as well. I filled out my papers and about 40 minutes later I was the last patient to be taken in. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect with this new gynecologist.

I told the PA about my breast lump and my concern with taking progestin only pills, and also the heavy bleeding for 12 days in a row. She rolled in the ultrasound machine and gave me a gown to change into.

5 minutes later, Dr. H comes in, smile on her face and ready to listen to me. She actually let me explain everything, from the surgery to now and she asked me questions about my family’s health. She was stunned that I had found the breast lump in January and didn’t get an appointment to check it out till April. So, she said she would get me in sooner. The lump didn’t feel concerning to her, but it’s always good to check.

Then came the ultrasound. It always sucks, but I’m glad she did it because lo’ and behold she found a giant fibroid right on the very same spot I had been feeling that sharp pain shooting down my leg and throughout the entire time I had the IUD. She asked if the doctor who put in the IUD did an ultrasound before placing it in and I said, no. Her face scrunched up. She told me that had she seen this, she would have advised against the IUD.

That made me think back to the ultrasound Dr. G did and she saw the fibroid but didn’t remove my IUD. Why? How is it that all these doctors work so differently and are willing to let us walk out their office in pain. It’s mind boggling.

I felt so validated, though. I knew the day I nearly went to the ER felt strange and it wasn’t my endometriosis. I knew it all felt far too different and it hurt so badly I had to get it removed. All it would have taken to prevent this was a simple ultrasound before hand but since Dr. U’s office doesn’t do in office ultrasounds, I had to suffer for a full month. It was infuriating.

Now, I need to go get a transvaginal ultrasound just to make sure there’s nothing else going on in there that’s causing the heavy bleeding. I feel like I’m in better hands now and I definitely feel much better now without the IUD.

Lesson to be learned, you are NOT crazy for feeling pain. Always seek out another doctor if you feel your doctor is not listening to you. You know your body better than anyone.

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