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Living with Endometriosis (F*cking Sucks)

This section is about my personal experience with stage 4 endometriosis. I am NOT a doctor/gynecologist and everything I write here is my personal journey.

First of all, if you have or think you have endometriosis and everything you’re seeing is terrifying, it's ok, take a deep breath. I felt so alone when I was going through this, I didn’t know where else to turn. There’s no actual solution to it other than surgery and even after surgery, chances are that it grows again and once again the same hell awaits. I decided to get opinions from all kinds of doctors, from the most hardcore science only gynecologists to naturopathic doctors who see hormones, diet and have a more holistic approach.

Like many people with endometriosis, I had NO idea I had it. All my life I was told periods were painful and ibuprofen was my saving grace. It wasn’t. Ibuprofen barely did anything for me when things got really bad in 2022. My periods knocked me out to the point where I couldn’t work anymore and it almost felt like my period never really went away after a while. I was so desperate and unfortunately, everywhere that promises to help, come with a hefty price tag and no guarantee it would even work.

Sh*t hit the fan for me when I took the C-125 test which tests for ovarian cancer and it came back extremely high. I’m a second opinion type of person so I went to another gynecologist who told me that it could be a variety of different issues that are not cancer that make that test come out super high. It’s frustrating that there isn’t a more accurate way of testing for endometriosis. We have micro bots fixing blood vessels now but we can’t have a more accurate test for endometriosis? F*cked up.

I was terrified to say the least. My entire view of life changed. Suddenly I wasn’t mad at the dumbest things anymore, I wanted to be with those that I love most in the world, and I didn’t care much about money because if I was about to die, then why not spend it on things that brought me joy, mostly plane tickets to be with my family across the country. And guava pastries. And chips.

Living with endometriosis is not fun, but I found ways to make it much better. If you’re still here and you’d like to snoop around my journey, you’re more than welcome. Maybe you find inspiration in all this and you feel less alone which would be great. I’m here with you.

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